3X HARD-CORE Pure White Carnuba Paste Wax (8 oz)
3X HARD-CORE Pure White Carnuba Paste Wax (8 oz)
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Chemical Guys WAC_301 - XXX Hardcore CarnaubaPaste Wax (8 oz)
Why Buy This Product?
  • Hard, #1 White Carnauba paste wax
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Wet, glossy shine on any paint color
  • Engineered with LTI polymers to extend durability and increase resistance to the elements
  • Can be applied even in the sun

About XXX Paste Wax
XXX Paste Wax is a Carnauba wax enthusiasts' wet dream. 47% Brazilian No. 1 Carnauba by volume, XXX is formulated with polymers to allow for layering and creates the deepest, wettest, glossiest shine on your vehicle. The wax has been specially engineered with LTI polymers to extend the durability and increase resistance to the elements. XXX is a hard paste wax, but is easy to apply and remove.

Chemical Guys XXX Paste Wax

The Science Behind The Shine

XXX contains 47% Brazilian No. 1 White Unbleached and Yellow Carnauba by volume (90% White, 10% Yellow). The Carnauba creates a protective seal delivering a glossy, rich, liquid shimmer that leaps off any paint surface. The Carnauba has been specially engineered with clear reflective LTL polymers that allow for easy layering on any wax or sealant. The slippery, non-stick protection and gloss will last for months.

Chemical Guys XXX Paste Wax

Layering XXX Paste Wax

If you're looking for the maximum protection possible without the use of a sealant, then one or two thin coats of wax, maybe even up to three thin coats of XXX wax, has the potential to create the most surface protection. The depth of shine and ability for the product to be layer however does depend on several factors. For optimal product use, it is always recommended to wait at least 20-30 minutes before attempting to add another layer. Depending on the wax, the surface itself, weather condition and the amount of time that has passed in between applications, results of layering may vary. Chemical Guys strongly believes that knowledge is power, and the more you know the better it will be, so it is only fair to share the myths of layering. Layering any wax more than 2 times is not necessary. Sure exponentially it may seam that you are gaining greater layers of protection with each application, however Chemicals Guys products are for professionals for a reason. Unless your first two applications were completely un-uniform and scattered XXX has such a strong and high concentration of wax, one good layer is all you need.

Chemical Guys XXX Paste Wax

More About Layering
Our customers are always asking -will layering or adding more coats of a product make a finish deeper, darker, and wetter looking with each additional application? The answer is - possibly. Generally speaking, when trying to take your car's finish to its maximum potential for clarity, gloss, shine and depth of color/clarity, there comes a point in which additional applications of either wax, glaze, polish or sealant will not increase the results of any of those categories. Saving our customers money and offering the best professional chemicals is what Chemical Guys is all about. Sure we want you to buy more products from us, but we prefer you use the products correctly, save yourself the money, and tell 10 friends about us. FACT: You are more likely to reach the maximum level of shine, clarity, depth and protection if you are using a professional product correctly, then if you are layering million of coats of inferior chemicals incorrectly.

Part Number
8 ounces
Plastic Jar
Tropical Blend (Pinepple/Coconut Blend)
Hard Paste
UV Block
Gloss Enhancing
Water spot Protection
Yes, Carnauba (90% White, 10% Yellow)
Hand application
Machine application
Yes, though not recommended
Safe for clear coat
Safe for light color cars
Safe for dark color cars

Proudly Made in America

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