6.5 inch Black Optics Microfiber Black Cutting Pad
Black Optics Microfiber Black Polishing Pad 6.5 inch
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Black Optics Microfiber Black Polishing Pad 6.5 inch
Why Buy This Product?
  • Pads virtually eliminate human error
  • Works on any color paintwork
  • Functions with both rotary and dual-action polishers
  • Works best with with finishes polishes and light cutting polishes
  • Hook and loop backing
  • Also available in 5.25 inch pad

About Chemical Guys Black Optics Pads
Chemical Guys Black Optics Microfiber Polishing Pads are the perfect way to remove swirl marks and scratches from your vehicle’s paintwork while also restoring the clarity and shine. Great for beginners or professionals looking to achieve perfect results with any machine. The biggest difference between these pads and a typical form or wool system is that these pads virtually eliminate human error.

Chemical Guys developed the Black Optics Microfiber Pads with the latest foam and microfiber technology to ensure a perfect finish. The unique system utilizes a high tech microfiber specifically designed for Chemical Guys. Microfiber has the ability to cut through swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation while also enhancing the shine on any color paintwork. The Black Optics Microfiber Polishing Pads work great with a dual action and high-speed rotary machine making this system perfect for the weekend enthusiast or detailing professional. The Black Optics Microfiber pads have a bi-angular design that allows for maximum surface coverage while also allowing the pad to access tight spaces for improved polishing abilities. Chemical Guys Black Optics Microfiber Polishing Pads make restoring your paintwork quick and easy.

The Black Optics Microfiber Polishing Pads are designed for high performance detailing. We designed these pads with the latest construction technology. A new Quadro-Bonding system creates the strongest bond between the hook and loop backing and the foam inner core. This system uses a 4-stage lamination technique that ensures a long polishing life. The Black Optics Pads are constructed from Euro-Tech foam for improved heat transfer across the surface and maximum pad contact. The improved heat transfer allows the polish to have a smoother work time and create the highest quality finish. The specialized microfiber is extra thick with a layered cut, which penetrate scratches on a multitude of levels. The microfiber allows for the true correction power of the product used to be placed on the surface. The microfiber allows for maximum product coverage to achieve the highest quality result possible.

The Black Optics Microfiber Pads come in two styles: an Orange Cutting Pad and a Black Polishing Pad. The Orange Cutting Pad is designed for removing heavy swirl marks, scratches, and neglected paint damage for a restored finish. The Orange Cutting Pad is perfect for use with any heavy cutting polish or compound, such as V32 or V34, to restore neglected paintwork. The Black Polishing Pad is designed to restore the depth and clarity to your vehicle’s paintwork by refining the finish with the ultra fine microfiber. The Black Polishing Pad is perfect for removing light swirl marks, holograms and marring on your vehicle’s paintwork using products like V36 or V38. The soft black foam allows for perfect finesse when polishing, giving you the ability to cover all the curves and contours of your vehicle. The two-part system gives you the power to polish any color paintwork with the highest level of precision for perfect results.

Black Microfiber Polishing Pad
The Black Optics Microfiber Black Polishing Pad is designed to refine the finish of any color paintwork by restoring clarity and shine to the surface. The Black Polishing Pad is perfect for removing light swirl marks, holograms, and marring to take your vehicle’s finish to the next level of perfection. The soft black Euro-Tech foam allows for improved finesse when polishing by covering every curve and contour of your vehicle’s body. The Black Microfiber Polishing Pad utilizes a special cut microfiber that is designed to create a finish that is unmatched in clarity and perfection. The Black Microfiber Polishing Pad works great with any light cutting polish or finishing polish to enhance the level of shine. Use this pad after the Orange Microfiber Cutting Pad for the perfect correction on any car, truck, motorcycle, boat, and RV. The Black Optics Microfiber Polishing Pads gives any detailer the highest level of polishing power.

More About the Black Optics Pads

  • Unique microfiber construction
  • Bi-angular design for maximum coverage
  • Quadro-Bonding lamination system
  • Euro-Tech foam construction
  • Creates a higher quality finish
  • Restores depth and gloss
  • Works great on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and RVs
  • Extra thick-layered microfiber surface
  • Made in the USA

Part Number
6.5 Inches
Cutting Pad
Polishing Pad
Hook and Loop Backing
Works with Rotary Polisher
Works with Dual-Action (DA) Polisher
Intended Users
Professionals, Enthusiasts and Beginners
Euro-Tech foam, microfiber

Proudly Made in America

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