BUF-DA-DL21 Dual Action Polisher DL21

The DL-21 Dual Action Polisher perfectly suits the mobile detailer or hard core DIY enthusiast who wants an easy to use reliable professional grade DA Polisher. It takes 6 inch backing plates has a 21mm orbit and has 6 speed variables and an easy on off trigger that gives you access to 900 watts of grunting buff power. Brought to you by ChemGuys Australia.

Our Price: $435.00
Sale Price: $250.00
You save $185.00!
Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Gloss Liquid Wax (470 ml) Liquid Wax HV7 Optical Select (470 ml)

Hybrid V7 Wax is blended with synthetic wax sealant polymers to extend the protection and beautiful shine of the natural wax for months on end. Hybrid V7 Optical Select Liquid Wax it is unlike any other wax - it is a hybrid product that combines the look of a wax with the protection of a sealant.

Our Price: $73.95
Sale Price: $65.90
You save $8.05!
SPI22616 Hydro Thread Ceramic Fabric Protectant (470 ml)

HydroThread is a super hydrophobic ceramic protective textile coating and stain guard engineered for extreme
           durability and hydrophobicity on fabric and cloth surfaces that helps repel water and stains without
           compromising the look, feel, or comfort of the fabric!

Our Price: $56.95
Sale Price: $49.95
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SPI_@!$_16 Wipe Out Surface Cleanser Spray (470 ml)

Wipe-Out is a surface prep spray that prepares paint for a fresh coat of long lasting protection and makes inspecting the surface easier by stripping old wax, sealant, used polish, oil, and grease.

Our Price: $26.95
Sale Price: $22.95
You save $4.00!