WAC_208_16 Activate Instant Spray Sealant & Paint Protection (470 ml)

Activate contains Reactive Fusion Technology that combines extreme gloss enhancers with premium white carnauba wax and synthetic sealants for reduced application time, improved durability, and extended protection. Activate applies and cures quickly to create a slick surface that dirt, pollution, and water simply slide from.

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Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Gloss Liquid Wax (470 ml) Liquid Wax HV7 Optical Select (470 ml)

Hybrid V7 Wax is blended with synthetic wax sealant polymers to extend the protection and beautiful shine of the natural wax for months on end. Hybrid V7 Optical Select Liquid Wax it is unlike any other wax - it is a hybrid product that combines the look of a wax with the protection of a sealant.

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