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An Australian Factory Direct Outlet offers a broad range and deeper Chemical Guys engagement than a re-seller direct. All Australian Factory Direct Outlets are staffed by professional detailers who can offer you rich advice on how to get your car to pop and dazzle. At some Factory Direct Outlets like the one we have in Perth if you dont feel you have the time or expertise to achieve your look let them do it for you. It is our intention to have 2 to 3 Factory Direct Outlets in every major city across Australia. Stay tuned...

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Factory Direct Perth WA Factory Direct Perth WA

Chemical Guys Perth was setup to supply the city of Perth with a team of detailing professionals who are passionate about detailing and Chemical Guys car care products. Leaders in everything detailing, with 18 years of knowledge research and development.

Factory Direct Outlet Perth
Talk to Des or Ben at AutoFX WA for professional detailing advice / training and a range of CG products.

Address: U21 / 5 Hines Road, O'Connor WA 6163

Phone: (08) 6180 8767