Gamma Seal Lid Red
Gamma Seal Lid Red
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Gamma Seal Lid Red

Why Buy This Product?

  • Waterproof and airtight seal for any standard round bucket
  • Installs in seconds
  • Simple screw-on lid creates perfect seal every time
  • Fits 12í INCH diameter 3.5 - 7 gallon buckets
  • Two O-Ring seals keep contents clean, dry, and fresh
  • BPA-free food-grade plastic
  • Perfect for detailing supplies, pet food, or emergency supplies
  • Double gasket design keeps air, liquids, and pests out of buckets
  • Rugged materials and durable construction

Durable Materials And Rugged Construction

Food grade buckets are made with FDA-approved BPA-free plastics that are resistant to chemicals found in common foods. Gamma Seal Lids are made in America and with food-grade plastics safe for storing and transporting food goods. Every lid is made from heavy duty molded plastic that stands up to years of detailing use. Easily stack buckets, transport water, store food or supplies, and keep microfiber towels clean and scratch-free with the airtight and waterproof Gamma Seal Lid. The dual gasket design uses two rubber O-rings to ensure no air, water, insects, or rodents pass through the tight seal. The screw-on lid features a rubber O-ring that creates a perfect seal when screwed down, and the snap-on collar creates an airtight seal between the rim of the bucket with the second rubber O-ring. The dual gasket design ensures nothing wets, spoils, or eats the bucket contents until it is opened for business. Trust The Gamma Seal Lid for the perfect seal for next-level detailing or disaster preparedness.

The Perfect Bucket Lid

The Gamma Seal screw-on lid turns any 5 gallon bucket into a waterproof and airtight container. The durable two-piece plastic lid attaches to any standard 12íí diameter round bucket. Simply snap the collar onto the top of a bucket, then screw on the threaded lid to make an airtight seal. Use the waterproof Gamma Seal lid to transport full buckets of water to avoid filling up at the coin-op car wash. Store detailing products, microfiber towels, emergency food, drinking water, pet food, or other goods and valuables in a watertight container for scratch-free detailing, or for disaster preparedness. Simply screw on the lid to keep bugs, rodents, and accidental spills from fouling grains or emergency food or water. Save back and leg strain and sit on any bucket and lid to make detailing wheels, rims, and lower areas on the car even easier. Keep all your car washing gear and products in one place for ease of use, and to have a clean and organized garage workspace. Easily stack buckets topped with the Gamma Seal Lid to save valuable floor space and maximize garage real estate. The Gamma Seal lid makes any bucket even more versatile and useful!

Perfect Seal For Every Use

The Gamma Seal Lid turns any standard round bucket into a disaster-proof container. The Gamma Seal features a screw-top lid that creates a waterproof and airtight seal with a twist of the wrist. The unique double-gasket design of the Gamma Seal ensures that no water, air, insects, pests, or rodents can sneak their way into a bucket to foul any contents. Use the Gamma Seal to transport buckets full of water to a coin-op car wash and get started washing without spending time or money filling up buckets. Store detailing products and microfiber towels inside buckets to keep towels clean and scratch free, and garage space organized. The Gamma Seal turns any bucket into a disaster preparedness kit. Store emergency food, clean drinking water, clothing, batteries, or cash and valuables in a watertight container for use after any calamity. The Gamma Seal keeps bucket contents clean, dry, and fresh.

Easy To Use Design

Normal hardware store bucket lids are thin and cheap, and difficult to remove without destroying the fingertips. The Gamma Seal Lid creates the perfect seal with a screw-on lid thatís easy to twist for any user. A large oversized cross piece gives great leverage when twisting the lid on or off. The Gamma Seal is a universal fit that attaches to any standard 30.5 cm diameter round bucket. To install, simply press the collar onto the bucket rim until it snaps. Thatís it! Then screw the lid on or off as needed for any detailing use, or for long term storage. 12 inch round buckets typically come in 3.5 to 7 gallon capacities, and the Gamma Seal Lid snaps onto any of them. Turn any round bucket into a waterproof container, airtight food storage tub, detailing stool, or stackable storage box.

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