Super Fine 2500 Grit Latex Self-Adhesive Sanding Sheets (3 Pack)
Super Fine 2500 Grit Latex Self-Adhesive Sanding Sheets (3 Pack)
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Super Fine 2500 Grit Latex Self-Adhesive

Sanding Sheets (3 Pack)

Why Buy This Product?

  • Light cut 2500 grit wet sanding sheets
  • Self-adhesive peel and stick system perfect for use with Chemical Guys Easy Grip Sanding Blocks
  • Starting point for sanding marks before 3500 grit wet sanding sheets for reduced polishing time and deeper glossy shine
  • Cuts away orange peel, deep scratches, swirl marks, and bird poop etch marks to restore perfect clarity and shine to paintwork
  • Gently removes oxidized plastic to restore headlights to crystal-clarity
  • Synthetic latex sheets are more flexible than traditional paper sandpaper
  • Particle abrasives are securely embedded into the latex sheet, which reduces galling and uneven sanding caused by loose abrasives

How It Works

Wet sanding is easy with the Hyper Flex Water Sanding System. Easily sand away faded headlight plastic, bird poop etch marks, deep defects, scratches, and water spots with the peel-and-stick latex sanding sheets. While old-school wet sanding systems use particle abrasives glued onto stiff pieces of paper, the Hyper Flex Sanding Sheets use flexible latex that conforms to every curve and contour as you work. The Super Fine 3500 Grit Self-Adhesive Sanding Sheet uses an intuitive peel-and-stick design to easily attach to your favorite Easy Grip Sanding Block. Take down oxidized headlight plastic, deep swirls and scratches, bird poop stains, and water spot etch marks for fast and thorough correction on any vehicle. Enthusiasts trust Latex Sanding Sheets to restore clarity to their headlights, and body shop professionals use them to remove orange peel to create a perfectly flat glassy reflection on custom paint finishes. Once you’re finished with the sanding sheet, grab an edge and gently peel it from the sanding block. That’s it! The Hyper Flex Sanding System only requires water to lubricate the sanding abrasives over optical plastics, headlights, tail lights, clear coat, or single stage paintwork. Cut down high defects quickly with the 2500 Grit Sanding Sheet, refine the sanding marks with a pass of 3500 Grit Sanding Sheet, then use your favorite machine polisher and Chemical Guys polishing compound to restore full clarity and reflection. The Hyper Flex 3500 Grit Self-Adhesive Sanding Sheets make short work of any wet sanding job for next-level detailing results on any vehicle.

Heavy Duty Detailing Tools

Wet sanding with the Hyper Flex Sanding System is a safe and fun experience for hardcore enthusiasts and professional detailers. Wet sanding is considered by professional detailers to be the pinnacle of detailing technique and skill. Normal detailing techniques cannot fix extreme damage like bird poop stains, orange peel, hazy headlights, or severe swirls and scratches. Use the 2500 Grit light cut sanding sheet to remove deep defects quickly and easily, then refine the sanding marks with a pass of 3500 grit. Sanding headlights with the 2500 Grit Sanding Sheet feels like erasing damage to restore full clarity to the lens, and the pass with 3500 grit reduces the amount and aggressiveness of polishing required to restore full clarity. Professional body shop technicians regularly use 2500 Grit Sanding Sheets to flatten orange peel for a glassy reflection, and 3500 grit to refine the sanding marks and enhance the final polishing gloss for a pristine shine on custom show car paint jobs. Acid in bird poop etches and stains paintwork permanently, and only wet sanding cuts down beneath the damage to give you a chance to restore pure reflection. Whenever wet sanding offers the permanent detailing solution, reach for the easy-to-use Hyper Flex Wet Sanding Sheets for fast and professional results.

Part Of The Hyper Flex Sanding System

The Chemical Guys Hyper Flex Wet Sanding System is easier to use and produces better wet sanding results than traditional methods. Normal wet sanding techniques use pieces of stiff paper covered with glue and particle abrasives, and skinny foam-rubber sanding blocks. These tools are awkward to hold, difficult to maneuver, and gall the paintwork with uneven sanding scratches. The Hyper Flex Wet Sanding System uses a plush and flexible foam sanding block to conform to any curve and contour for even results on any part of the car. The flexible Latex Self-Adhesive Sanding Sheets have a better grip on their particle abrasives. This superior design reduces the amount of abrasives breaking off the sanding sheet and galling the paintwork with uneven sanding marks. Sanding with Hyper Flex Self-Adhesive Sheets produces even results that require less polishing to refine. Professionals save time and enthusiasts begin practicing safe sanding with the Hyper Flex Sanding System with Self-Adhesive Latex Sanding Sheets.

Choose Between 2500 Grit and 3500 Grit

Wet sanding automobile paintwork is similar to sanding wood: use the bigger grit to take off the high stuff, then the finer grit to refine the smoothness of the surface. The Latex Self-Adhesive Hyper Flex sanding sheets come in 2500 grit for removing deeper paint defects quickly, and 3500 grit for refining the sanding marks for easier removal with a machine polisher and polishing compound. Sand away thick oxidation from headlight plastic with 2500 grit, then refine the marks with 3500 grit before polishing to crystal-clear perfection. Try removing bird poop etching stains with 3500 grit first, then turn to 2500 grit only if you have to. Multiple sandpaper grits make the Hyper Flex sanding system just as flexible and versatile as the Flexible Sanding Blocks for taking down any heavy duty detailing task.

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How To Use:
  • Prepare Easy Grip Hyper Flex Water Spot Sanding Block for wet sanding.
  • Select desired wet sanding sheet: 2500 or 3500 grit.
  • Peel off half of sanding sheet backing and stick directly onto gray plush foam side of Hyper Flex Block.
  • Stick second half of sheet to the block then wet sand the area well.

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