Trim Restorer High Shine Trim Gel
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Why Buy This Product?

Long lasting tire and trim dressing

Restores and protects sun-faded trim

Absorbs quickly and finishes dry-to-the-touch

Perfect for faded bumpers, fender flares, door trim, mirrors, window moldings, rocker panels, tires, louvers, and more!

How it Works

Chemical Guys New Look Tire and Trim Gel restores faded trim and tires with factory fresh, wet-black shine. The premium oil-based trim dressing restores and shields plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces with superior protection against dirt, water, and harmful UV rays. Exposure to the elements fades, discolors, and cracks plastic, rubber, and vinyl trim pieces. New Look Tire and Trim Gel penetrates deep, nourishes, moisturizes, and restores dried-out and faded trim to perfect shine.
with protection that lasts.

Improved Formula for Better Results

Chemical Guys New Look Tire and Trim Gel has been the top-selling trim restorer and dressing on the market for years. Detailers and enthusiasts everywhere love the fresh look and premium protection given by New Look Tire and Trim Gel, and we decided to make it even better.

What's Different About the New Formulation?

  • To improve the looks, we boosted New Look Tire and Trim Gel with finer oils and UV blocking agents for darker, wetter, and glossier shine to exterior trim and tires. New Look Tire and Trim Gel will take black trim pieces back to a deep, high-gloss shine with the wettest look possible.
  • To improve the durability, we reformulated New Look Tire and Trim Gel with improved waterproofing agents that lock in the essential oils, keeping them deep within plastic and rubber trim longer. New Look Tire and Trim Gel always finishes dry-to-the-touch, will never feel greasy, and will never attract dust or dirt.
  • To improve the ease of use, we improved the viscosity for even spreadability. Simply wipe New Look Tire and Trim Gel on… That’s it! Give the essential oils and UV blockers time to penetrate into the plastic or rubber trim, then wipe away any excess.

Ultra-Refined Essential Oils

Typical dressings use volatile solvent-based chemicals that produce a greasy shine, dry out rubber and plastic, and sling off tires after application. Chemical Guys formulated New Look Tire and Trim Gel with a premium refined oil base that penetrates deep for unmatched smooth black shine that stays where you put it. New Look Tire and Trim Gel finishes dry-to-the-touch, and is not sticky or tacky. Ultra refined moisturizing agents nourish, protect, and shine rubber and plastic trim for months. Special sun-blocking agents shield trim from damaging UV solar rays that fade and discolor plastic and rubber, helping them last longer. The refined formula quickly penetrates rubber and plastic to hydrate with long lasting protection. Keep tires and trim looking new forever with New Look Tire and Trim Gel.

Darkest Wet Black Look

Chemical Guys New Look Tire and Trim Gel delivers the best looking trim possible. Chemical Guys formulated New Look Tire and Trim Gel with premium oils and moisturizers to restore an unmatched high-gloss shine to faded trim. New Look Tire and Trim Gel penetrates deep into plastic and rubber trim and tires, finishes dry-to-the-touch, and will not sling or run off surfaces. Special UV blockers reject harmful solar UV rays that damage and fade plastic and rubber, keeping your plastic and rubber trim blacker for longer.

Longest Lasting Protection

The finishing touches on any detail separate enthusiasts from professionals. Take a cue from professional detailers and use Chemical Guys premium dressings to restore lost luster to faded surfaces. Make dull exterior plastics and rubber stand out like new with Chemical Guys New Look Tire and Trim Gel!

Professional Tips from Chemical Guys

Proper application of New Look Tire and Trim Gel is necessary to maximize effectiveness. The viscosity of the gel allows it to spread evenly for smooth and even coverage. For best results, apply a thin, even layer. A single application of New Look Tire and Trim Gel will deliver a like-new premium shine. For extra glossy bright shine, wait 10 minutes after first coat, and apply additional ones as desired.

How To Use:
  1. Apply a small amount of gel onto a foam or microfiber applicator or tire swipe.
  2. Always keep in mind that all Chemical Guys products are Professional grade so Less is more, use them sparingly.
  3. Apply a thin coat across the trim surface or tires, just enough to moisten the surface is all you need.
  4. Gel absorbs fast so no sling-off will occur.
  5. In order to achieve a deeper level of shine, you can control the level of shine according to your preference.
  6. One light application of gel delivers the optimal amount of shine for a well-dressed new look that suits most cars.
  7. For less gloss, follow application of gel by wiping down with a clean dry towel.
  8. For a higher level of shine & sheen, wait ten minutes then apply another coat. Repeat until satisfactory results are achieved.
  9. It is recommended you allow an hour for the gel to cure. You will enjoy a beautiful finish on your tires, that lasts for weeks.

Average Customer Review: Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 4.5 of 5 Total Reviews: 4 Write a review.

  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
4 of 5 Clear Gel June 20, 2012
Reviewer: Phil from Sydney, NSW Australia  
At first, I applied this with a cotton cloth and did not think it was very glossy. Then by using a foam applicator, achieved a very nice result - just the right amount of shine. I have done 8 tyres and the bottle has hardly diminished which represents good value.

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 AWSOME February 3, 2010
Reviewer: PR from Adelaide, SA Australia  
This is an AWSOME product restores wiper arms, body side moldings, door handles (black) and roof rails in seconds
Use a foam applicator followed by a micro fibre cloth and you are left with a new looking finish

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
4 of 5 Black Metal restoration January 14, 2010
Reviewer: Mick Lenders from Joondalup, W.A Australia  
Have applied Black Forever on 3yr old X-Trails running rails, roof racks, side moldings, wiper arms and inside the wiper bay area and around the windows, with one fine coat.  I have to say the finish so far is pretty dam good and it is repelling all the nasties that accumulate over the car.  I haven't washed the car in two weeks, wanted to see how it would perform.  The more I look at what I have done, the more I believe it looks better than the showroom finish.  Keep you posted.

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  12 of 14 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 WOW Wet like new this stuff is different April 9, 2007
Reviewer: Justin Park from California  

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       Hey guys...the detailing season continues and I finally got a chance to
       try out the wet shine gel...thanks for the recommendation...this is
       definitely the product I have been looking for since I began
       detailing...the door pillars on cars have always been an eye sore for
       me...every vinyl/rubber protectant I have tried just lays down a
       superficial shine that washes away or begins streaking within minutes of
       application...this stuff is different...you can feel it bonding to the
       hard plastic and it definitely restores the look...btw...the car I used
       in on is only 6 months old......the pic speaks for itself...as
       always...great products.</span></font></p>
<p class="MsoNormal"><font id="goowybody">
<span style="color: #0000FF; font-size: 12px; font-family: Arial; font-style: italic">
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