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AutoDetailing Wax/Sealant/Dressing Foam Applicator BLACK ULTRA FINE W-APS REFINED FOAM APPLICATOR

The black unique dura-foam composite of the pad assures that just the right amount of product is absorbed to reduce waste while the micro-fine pores work perfectly with the soft and dense pad construction to deliver superior surface application. These applicators are ideal for many uses, from your favorite cream or paste wax to leather conditioners and dressings.

Our Price: $5.50
Sale Price: $4.40
You save $1.10!
Auto Detailing Cotton Applicators With Gripper System Value Pack THE GRIPPER APPLICATOR SYSTEM W/3-PACK 5" APPLICATORS

The Gripper System combines a easy grip handle with a premium absorbent textured specially engineered pad set of 3 to  makes applying your favorite dressing wax or conditioner a breeze. Ergonomically shaped for easy gripping The Gripper system cuts your work time in half!

Our Price: $10.95
Sale Price: $8.70
You save $2.25!
Vertua Bond 408 Bonding Agent 470ml VIRTUA BOND 408 - BONDING AGENT SPEED BONDAGE ACCELERATOR (470 ml)

Vertua-Bond 408 is the ultimate in surface preparation products. Vertua-Bond 408 prepares paintwork and fiberglass surfaces with bonding agents that create the perfect situation for the application of sealants or paste waxes. Vertua-Bond 408 allows products to perform the way they were engineered to.

Our Price: $18.50
Sale Price: $12.95
You save $5.55!
Auto Detailing Wax Sealant With Carnauba Wax Extreme TOP-COAT Paint Sealant 3X CARNAUBA (470ml)

Top-Coat Sealant is an Amino Functional Resin with 3XCarnuba.  A Superior formulation delivering
unmatched protection coupled with the finest Brazilian Carnauba wax to offer unparalleled shine.
Final top-coat goes on and comes off easy, and works on new cars, used cars, waxed or glazed
surfaces or recently clayed surfaces to lock in the shine and protect.

Our Price: $18.00
Sale Price: $13.90
You save $4.10!
Auto Paint Reconditioning Wet Mirror Finish Glaze and Polish SPECIAL WET MIRROR FINISH ULTRA SLICK NON-STICK GLOSS MAGNIFIER (470 ml)

An ultra slick non-stick high-shine all-weather gloss magnifier formulated to allow paint to breathe. A one-step surface preparatory product guaranteed to enhance the shine of any surface. Mirror Wet truly delivers a mirror wet finish that not only shines but also protects at a nano-tech scale by bonding molecularly to your paint.

Our Price: $26.52
Sale Price: $14.95
You save $11.57!
Auto Detailing Supplies Vintage ButterWet Wax CAR WAX -WET LOOK SHINE (470 ml)

You asked for a Better Butter Wet Wax and Chemical Guys has delivered. Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax is formulated to deliver an unmatched surface shine and deep wet look.  Butter Wet Wax goes on easier, shines brighter and lasts longer than previous generations. This improved blend of natural Carnauba, polymers, and resins leaves your car shining as if it were just washed!

Our Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $21.95
You save $3.00!
Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Gloss Liquid Wax (470 ml) Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Gloss Liquid Wax (470 ml)

Hybrid V7 Wax is blended with synthetic wax sealant polymers to extend the protection and beautiful shine of the natural wax for months on end. Hybrid V7 Optical Select Liquid Wax it is unlike any other wax - it is a hybrid product that combines the look of a wax with the protection of a sealant.

Our Price: $27.95
Sale Price: $24.95
You save $3.00!

Wheel Guard Max Coat protects wheels and enhances a high gloss shine. The advanced wheel coating sealant repels brake dust, dirt, and road grime that cause corrosion and damage to wheels and rims on every vehicle. Wheel Guard Max protects all gloss wheels types, including chrome, painted, aluminum, powder coated, stainless steel, and even gold finishes

Our Price: $28.50
Sale Price: $26.95
You save $1.55!
Wheel Guard Wheel Guard Wheel and Rim Wax (8 oz)

Wheel Guard is a specialty synthetic wax developed just for wheels and brake components. Spread the synthetic putty cream over shiny wheel surfaces to protect against brake dust, road grime, dirt, mud, water, and more! The full-synthetic acrylic formula bonds directly into the pores of painted and polished metal surfaces, protecting them.

Our Price: $28.50
Sale Price: $26.95
You save $1.55!
3X HARD-CORE Pure White Carnuba Paste Wax (8 oz) 3X HARD-CORE Pure White Carnuba Paste Wax (8 oz)

XXX is 47% Brazilian No. 1 Carnauba by volume and formulated with polymers
to allow for layering, XXX is sure to create the deepest, wettest, glossiest
shine. Engineered with LTI polymers to extend durability and increase resistance
to the elements

Our Price: $35.19
Sale Price: $29.95
You save $5.24!
Chemical Guys BLITZ is one step spray protectant for a high gloss shine on any painted finish. Gallon of Blitz Acrylic Spray Superior Sealant & Wax Booster 3.75 litre

BLITZ Spray Sealant is a micro-emulsified refined acrylic blend of highly reflective liquid polymer fluids and glossing agents that create a durable, protective shine over your vehicle's paint. The tough barrier blocks out UV rays and airborne pollution and prevents water spots. Contaminants will slide off the paint effortlessly.

Our Price: $58.95
Sale Price: $45.95
You save $13.00!
HOW AND WHEN TO USE PASTE WAX Pete's 53'- Black Pearl Signature Paste Wax -Liquid Crystal Polymer White Carnauba Paste Wax(8oz - 235 ml)

Pete’s 53’  Black Pearl Signature Paste Wax - a premium paste wax developed for all paints specially formulated for darker paints and metallics. Pete’s 53’ blends only the finest of raw ingredients almond, coconut, banana and propolis oils, in a premium emulsion combined with 53 percent Brazilian No. 1 White Carnauba by volume.

Our Price: $58.00
Sale Price: $48.95
You save $9.05!
Paste Wax Car Wax Polish Paste wax and polish 5050 Limited Series Concourse Paste Wax (1 can 280 ml)

50-50 Connoisseurs Paste far exceeds all of your expectations. Based on a custom formula
developed for connoisseurs and perfectionists looking to achieve
the deepest possible shine and depth with unmatched brilliance. This product is 50% carnauba wax and is suitable for all coloured cars..

Sale Price: $62.50
You save $7.45!
Car Wash And Wax Shampoo With Gloss Enhancers Lava - Luminous Glow Infusion 8oz

Open your eyes to a psychedelic detailing experience designed to take your mind to a totally new level of shine;  a dream world of radiant finishes. We wanted to take our most exciting paintwork dreams and turn them into a reality while creating a product that would revolutionize shine forever.

Our Price: $89.00
Sale Price: $69.00
You save $20.00!
Auto Detailing Brazilian Carnauba Wet Finish Wax Gallon of ButterWet Wax CAR WAX -WET LOOK SHINE (3.75 litres)

Butter Wet Wax a superior wet look shine so WET THE LIGHT DRIPS OFF THE SURFACE. Butter Wet
has no cleaners or abrasives .It is one of our most advanced new products. Our fastest, wettest and
deepest one-step carnauba wax emulsion formulated to deliver unparalleled surface gloss.It shows
best on dark finishes, but is impressive on all colors. This is a brand new technology that consists of
a special blend of polymers, resins, and natural Carnauba. Butter Wet Wax leaves your car shining
like it was just washed!

Our Price: $83.00
Sale Price: $69.95
You save $13.05!
White Luminous Glow Infusion (8 oz) White Luminous Glow Infusion (8 oz)

Get ready to discover the true definition of shine. White is a high-tech wax specifically designed to enhance the depth and shine of white paintwork. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, White takes your ligvht colored paintwork to the next level

Our Price: $89.00
Sale Price: $78.00
You save $11.00!