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The Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush The Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush

The Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush is great for powerful cleaning on foam, microfiber, and wool buffing and polishing pads. The stiff synthetic bristles easily scrub, agitate, and clean used polish, paint residue, and removed dirt and debris from any polishing pad. The durable brush is contoured to the human hand for comfortable ergonomics, powerful cleaning, and low fatigue with extended scrubbing

Our Price: $14.50
Sale Price: $10.90
You save $3.60!
Polishing Foam Pad Conditioner And Lubricant Chemical Guys POLISHING PAD CONDITIONER - (470 ml)

Foam Pad Conditioner-Prevention of dry buffing is as easy as misting an unused pad with Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Conditioner. Just a few spritzes is all you need to prep the pad for polishing. The rich lubricants instantly penetrate the pad, softening and conditioning the material. Even if the pad has never been used, it will glide across the paint like you're halfway through the detail session.

Our Price: $16.95
Sale Price: $13.95
You save $3.00!
Foam & Wool Citrus-Based Pad Cleaner 470 m Foam & Wool Citrus-Based Pad Cleaner 470 ml

Polishing Pad Cleaner cleans and rejuvenates all foam, microfiber, and wool polishing pads. The innovative cleaner removes spent compound, polish, wax, and paint residue from any polishing pad. The citrus-based cleaner breaks down and releases spent product, removed paint, dirt, and contaminants from polishing pads.

Our Price: $16.95
Sale Price: $13.95
You save $3.00!
3.5 in dual action polisher backing plate Dual-Action Flexible Backing Plate (3 and a 1/2 Inch)

THE BEST 3 1/2" Backing plate for your Dual Action Polisher. DA-Molded urethane backing plate. Nothing holds pads better then our Hook & Loop  flexible backing plates.

Chemical Guys Dual-Action Flexible Backing Plates minimize heat transfer, while it flexes just enough to contour to your autos bends curves. Ideal for use with Porter Cable 7424 Dual-Action Polisher or Chemical Guys Torq 10FX.

Our Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $14.50
You save $5.45!

The 6 inch R5 Dual Action Polisher Backing Plate with Hyper Flex Technology works on any DA machine that accepts 5/16 - 24 spindle thread accessories, including the TORQ 10FX, TORQ X,and Porter Cable 7424XP dual action polishers.

Our Price: $33.50
Sale Price: $25.00
You save $8.50!
6 inch backing plate for TORQ 22D TORQ 22D Backing Plate 6inch

The TORQ 22D Random Orbital Polisher is the first large throw detailing machine that balances power, wide buffing pattern, and ergonomic feel in a package designed around the user. Polishing large, flat panels like roofs, hoods, and doors is made easy with the 6 TORQ 22D backing plate replacement.

Our Price: $33.50
Sale Price: $27.00
You save $6.50!